Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Getting seen

Well, as for "getting traffic", "being seen", etc, I've decided to go with Gary Halbert:

Nothing is as important as content. No matter how vigorously you promote a book, if that book contains nothing but empty pages, it will never become a best seller. If it is a fiction book, it has to be extraordinarily well written. If it is a non-fiction book, it has to contain honest-to-God, useful and unique information.

And so it is with websites.

If your website is truly rich and contains "for real" useful and unique information... and... it contains a LOT of it... most likely, you won't even have to promote your website. Once just a few people read it, it will get so much word-of-mouth publicity, it will snowball into having more readers than you could ever believe.

There is no website on the Internet that contains more useful and unique information than the one I publish at...

And, I have done nothing whatsoever to promote my website. Yet, my readership numbers are staggering.

The other day, a real Internet and website expert was visiting with me  here in Miami. He knows how to get the stats on all of the websites in the entire world including how they are ranked in various ways. He was able to show me how my website is ranked by the amount of traffic that goes to the site.

Do you know that even with no promoting, my website gets more traffic than 50% of all the other websites in the entire world?

Do you know that, in fact, my website gets more traffic than 70% of all the websites in the world?

Do you know that, in fact, it gets more traffic than 90% of all the others in the world?

Do you know that, in fact, my website gets more traffic than 99.9% of all the others?

In fact, gets more traffic than...

99.999% Of All The Websites
Everywhere On Earth!

This is NOT a category ranking. This IS a ranking of every website that exists.

And with no promoting whatsoever.

How can this be? It's simply because... my website delivers on the Number One criteria of any popular book, magazine, newspaper, newsletter or website. You know what that criteria is?

Have Something To Say!

If you don't have something to say that is true, interesting, useful and unique, you can spend millions of dollars and thousands of hours promoting your website and all you'll ever get is a handful of readers who visit it maybe more than once. Yet, on the other hand, if your website is content-laden, the sky is the limit... even if... you do no promoting whatsoever.

Do you know how stupid the advice is of people who tell you they can get your website to use certain words that will pop up in the top ten hits on a search engine? That's absolutely insane. Imagine this: You publish a website on knitting and someone is searching for information on volcanos. This "someone" types the word "volcano" into their search engine and lo and behold, he or she is "tricked" into going to your website on knitting. Big accomplishment, right? How long do you think the person interested in volcanos is going to read your website on knitting? And how often do you think he or she will come back to your website?

Not much to add to that, really. Uncommon good sense. And 99% of marketing techniques and SEO from marketing gurus is BS - and didn't we all know that anyway, intuitively? So that's it. No marketing, just content. I feel happier about that, too.

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